Karen Cham

Karen Cham, Founder & Creative Director

Digital Transformation Design Strategist with over 20 years experience in HCD for innovative digital products and services, business models and strategies. Core expertise in the evaluation and integration of cultural capital as affordances to overcome existing blockages in value chains, engender new behaviours or establish new markets. Clients include Playstation Europe, Diesel, ITV, Which?, Top Shop and Sony Computers WorldWide

Raida Shakiry

Branded Customer / UX Consultant

Brand CX / UX expert with over 16 years on digital strategy, IA, UX research and business analysis, as Experience / Information Architect, Producer and Project Manager. Expertise in emotional engagement across multi-platform branded UX for luxury brands. Clients include Jimmy Choo, BBC3, Sony PlayStation, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BT, Orange, Unilever, De Beers, Nike, London 2012, Amnesty International, Barclays, American Express, Jaguar Racing, Cable & Wireless and Financial Times.

Steve Webley

Simulation / Gamification Consultant

Over 15 years as a war and games studies consultant for interactive narrative, simulation, MMORGP, war-games. Extensive games industry and defence sector experience with the main client being the MoD. Expert use of Lacanian psychoanalysis to analyse emotional reactions, aggression in analysis, the role of the play instinct in the formulation of fantasy and ideology and the externalisation of psychotic structures in paranormal experiences.

Carl Yates

Games Biometrics / UX Consultant

Senior UX / Product Manager with over 20 years experience in the consumer electronics, gaming, mobile, and network system markets including the first to market with multimedia streaming for GPRS & 3G mobile networks; 3G mobile Broadband data services, and audio multi-room music streaming UX as part of the global marketing team at Vodafone Group. Recently focused upon augmented observation methods for games UX using biometrics to provide insights into complex interactions.

Lucas Baldwin

Front End UX Developer

Front-end developer/designer with key UX expertise and over 15 years of experience within digital design, development and marketing at Ogilvy & Mather (digital), SonyBMG, Vivid Design and Schlumberger. Key skills in HTML / CSS / PHP / Javascrip as well as ASP and Python. A keen bootstrap enthusiast and creator of wordpress themes and plugins available on The Design Store and Theme Forest. Inspired by web trends and multi-device optimisation.